In Angioplasm

spasms and works
fjords black woods
a body’s hiving
every wind and every known blank thick
                                                                body    stone
a tunnel alive with neuro-wiring humming
              lights in rushing gutter water
muscular    lymbic     homuncular     striate     bark

an order to the waves
bliss through itching buzzing

harmonious spasm gathering cross roots

couplers and decouplers
   latching patching matching
an order to the watching core thrust chasm blasters

mind mump     swamp thought      scotched,    released
salutary spine strain white burn

kerned imps

the gristle
    the castle
   the badge
             and the coiled
           red splurge

                         and rooms
                 alert to the dusting

                    and boots with knots

When the thought that thinks
     the path past edge and core
                                               is passed
do you know where you stand?
(And the light webs gone

A person without parsimony or focus

                    all ways at one
                  motoric outer flutter
causing their bushes to utter the tangled
    fuzz of their grounding

Where does the honed
    take lodgings
    in the flash
     of what allows
   itself to suppose
what it is   it is?

Again—the edge,
    jagged field markers
and the coming storm
   fulfills the multiple previsories

and whatever ‘manifest’ manifests
   there is a pointing back
  to the shock of basis

these turbid whisperings

and the inarticulable collects in a chalice

the fielding watching
                    the space
                         for the matchings in the scatter plasm

The intent of that afterpath 

settled at the crater—
   the southern half of the sphere
where the jellies are compounded
to taste what beady, corpuscular, monadic intellect
will eat them later