In Angioplasm Autocommentary

"Angioplasm” turns out to be a neologism, meditation on whose possible sense yields:
1. A proto-matter or primal substance, held in or susceptible to being bound or shaped by a
vessel or container; 2. A quasi-liquid contained by an appropriate quasi-vessel or containing form;
3. What flows and oozes, but down a channel or course; 4. A substance that, though
internally without articulation, is shaped by the vessel in which it is contained.

“Spasms and works”
                         the material is everywhere toiling:
                                     the misery of it,
                                                       but the outcomes, the results,
                                           the achievements, manifest!

The liquefaction is dynamic and if
       contained in a vessel, yet forms the very vessel
       that constrains it, as a river its water-course
       or a fjord, through great stone, surmounted by sunless woods.

The body is the house of communities
       and itself is ensconced, communally, in its world

and every force—macro or small—
       and every named, hence neutralized, known,
       that is, reduced to familiar yet replete,
       bodily—material, stony—entity

the vital course and host, material if sentient,
       putting out a sonic rustling, a luminosity
             in the very squalid, if dynamic,
                 desperate, despised, liquidity

“muscular   lymbic    homuncular   striate   bark”

that is: athletic, yet passional, exemplary, provisory, cortical

pulsing wave after wave
ecstasy rife in the very irritation and discord
       in-spite-of-it-all harmonics—accumulations
             of toiling force towards orgasmic
                                     subterranean, source depth, intercept

enzymatic, catalytic, attachments and dis-
       connection, adhesion, correlation
whether pith or spine
       somatic depth, chthonic grim declivities
             industrial, terrestrial, pugilist, or wilfull

If it has a mind it still is material formation
       round and wet, its delicate
    ecology dismissed in the momentary catastrophe or jouissance

the effort to uncover its center through a certain
        elastic advantage: oxidation, purgation, once again ecstasy

and little beings manifest and are somatically arranged
       as if in the orders of a text
    but materially adjusted, that is typographically

there is density or spoiling—scarring—alive but insensate,
                                             tough: you cannot chew it

a fortress, a house on high, sporting hegemony and its signals:
      a gaudy erythematic extravagance of surfacing
and the discreteness of spaces sporting a canniness
      regarding the internal arrangements, internal entropic passivity

and the armies take their rest there
      and lackeys attend the accoutrements

And I put it to you:
      if you have encompassed in your circumspection
            both source and limit, heart and skin,
      and the moment of circumscription itself has been surpassed,
      and you no longer therefore have application
                                                    of provisory or charting—
do you yet sustain a manner of orientation,
      that is, “do you know where you stand”
      when the signals of achievement, the comforters, no longer support you?

If you have no principle operative of self-circumscription
     all this spontaneity is aimless, distracted, dispersed,
           though the bottom, the somatic fulcrum, the impulse
           reveals this much: the topology of its own fulguration and grounding

And I put it to you again:
      can you locate, identify, pinpoint, arrange
    the very instance of your own connation: the concretion of your will
      in the momentary emission of force that
         opens up its own self-reflection
      and the necessary assertion of its own assertion—
that belief takes the form of—

This, as if in repetition, the appearance of boundary
      and on the horizon the imminence of the threat
               that fulfills the monition
   and suggests its own belonging, spontaneity, surprise,
          in the sudden uncovering of origin, matrix, systemic prefiguration

and the system, an apparition emergent for thought
         flamboyant, profligate, prodigious,
                                               in its qualification of mystery
that the indivisible lies just behind the
                                infinite subdividedness, diaresis, and knowledge
as if a primordial liquid, an ooze, or a julep

but the mindfulness is awarded place too
      opening, waiting, receiving
                          the correspondences, the possibilities for jointure
                    rife in the stuff as it spasms:
this is called “fielding,” that is, being there
                                       so that the field might open
intent pervading the space   of its own    disorientation

and the julep collect in the cosmological bottom
   the sentient substance awake
                                       when to be free
                                                                     for all that
                                                                                                to be so fated…