The Wall

	Putting a hand
	through the wall.

	Walking through walls.

	Approaching the resistant
	and absorbing
	the resistance of it
	into oneself
	until the whole
	would be
	effectively absorbed
	by doing this.

	I emerge

	on the other side:

	a flower in your hands


sinking into the earth. First
I become   tree-like. My spine
would be pliant,   not
like a pine. like a palm. bends
in fierce
  storm winds.    I am a stump
or bold black knot of root
in the earth.   Gravity draws me all over.

And being pliant
 and thick
and in essence
   earth-like I can sink
with the gravitational pull
against the resistance of my own massiveness
through myself
into the earth
down to the distant center, leaving my body behind
	    or stump-like


The power to pass through walls.

A black and grizzled creature
            with an ability to assemble
				such power.

Pears and nuts in a tastey
                   dinner salad
prepared by an attractive (to me)  thick

flaming cars in a winter night

waitress? or part proprietor of the
cafe I stopped for late brunch at

that day crazy
a bear
in the form of a pear
wishing to descend
through his nature
into the earth    to the center of the earth

leaving his spirit behind
to be one with the spirit
of air
abroad and expansive
an exercise of delight

a sea
as wides as eye-sight

A certain Rabbi
with his long black
coat and enig-
matical scarlet
so you don't know what but

he takes it ALL

and a young and pliant Indian
comes out
of austerities
assuming the learned Rabbi's situation
riding a train
made out of something
working itself out in his eyes

and this just stops then
having gone, quite, to the end of it.



All the friends are at the bottom of the chasm
and all of them are up on the ledge
shouting what to myself seem senseless
	 given the brute truth that I am hanging
by my teeth
from a tree
suspended over the chasm

	Oh Mortality

"Why," (they are howling), "in the name of dearest
personal commitment, and deep
	  bonds you have
			     with each of us
                  contracted this madness
	   and put yourself there
	              under that tree
               impossible to get you down
	             why won't you answer me?"

I have thoughts --
		 and second thoughts --

But a sudden white tiger
	leaps out of my guts
	and lands on the ledge
	            in safety
                   to chase them away.

These people are pirates.
They possess an island
but it isn't enough.
From that purchase
    they seek to procure

				"A World."

Meanwhile I am standing on The Plank
It is Sunday
		  (or Saturday)
my memory has been effaced
there is only "now"
a flaming sea
      as wide as eye-sight
and I bear it all
      with a liveliness and verbosity
    growing ever more concentrate and forceful

I am conscientious
                  spontaneously  to ascertain
			      the needs of each
              animate creature that appears
                              on the deck below
	reckless of the role each must have played in forcing     	
this hopeless mortal circumstance upon me.

Suddenly -- I AM   "The World."

I fall
to the water below
and the Brightness is On me ...