Money Has An Enemy: Ring 1


Money Has An Enemy 1.1

The Black Box
was the Bank itself. 

We found an amphibious Jaguar
at the bottom of Long River.

A Bugle blew to tell
that we had found it there.

The consequent Conflagration
came close upon the blows
of many-a-Hammerhead.

Everything flowed
into or out of
Deep Storage.

These were the means:
Hammerhead and Jaguar.

Long River
concealed a rattled Saber.

Long River flowed
from Black Box.

No Bugle blew for this.


Red Box--Red Book--also.

It will one day foment a Conflagration
along Long River.

We used our Tongs
to pluck Zero
out of the range of Hammerhead
so that our perfect Crystal long remain
free of Aberration. 

Thank god for Tongs.
They break the Bank
and further Transport.


Crystal has
a Bank in it.

Better rattle Saber than resolve
down into Deep Storage. 

It is written that Long River
suffered a certain Infirmity
and that the Rocks
along Long River
hid the Saber/Jaguar
not only in its waters
but on the pages
of Red Book. 

Along the Long River river banks--

On the hill along Long River--
an Old Hotel.

At dawn,  a Bugle.

In every room
a big Red Book. 

In the book
news of sounds
produced by an African Rattle
to neutralize the Saber.

Enter Wrench Boy.


It was his Vocabulary
that provoked the Great Conflagration,
frustrated Hammerhead,
compelled Red Book
to open on its stand.

It said:
"One Bank
has all the money.
Let Long River
be smothered by Violets.
Know that Long River runs
The Old Hotel. "


A Rock at Infinity
beyond The Broken Mountain.

That one Bank
may well rattle its Saber.
But this Bank
had never been in embryo.

You had to have adequate Rain Gear
to ford the long Long River
and reach the Old Hotel.


Run up the Bank
of Long River
and seize the Bellows.

Then would there be quite a Melee
to confound the Long River
with adequate Vocabulary
and an African Rattle
to awaken us all from Deep Storage
and foment the Great Conflagration.

Money Has An Enemy 2.1

To arrive at Zero,
evade the Jaguar
and fill Black Box
with what a Bellows blows
thus availing Transport. 

Engaging Wrench Boy
we avail ourselves of Rain Gear
from The Old Hotel.

Donning our Rain Gear
we entice a quiet Jaguar
from the Black Box. 

The Bellows
sucked life up
from the Box thing's strange  Black hollows;

The Bellows blew new life
back within it--
life degree Zero--
affording Transport. 

In The Old Hotel
Red Book
prescribed the use of Tongs
for the general Melee;
the use of Bellows also
and the stability of Crystal.

Hammerhead, of course: a general Aberration.
Rain Gear: proof against it.
Tongs: proof against Melee.
Hammerhead, once reproved,
the Aberration might be confined
by intentional Vocabulary.


When the Bugle sounded
the Bellows was gone
and the general Infirmity

Crystal remained in Embryo.

This was no Infirmity
but the work of the Bellows
conducted without a Bellows. 


We must put on Rain Gear
because the Rocks
are wet and smooth.

A general Conflagration
was no Aberration.

It was confined to a Black Box
as long as Embryo
sustained Deep Storage.

The Infirmity
required Rain Gear,
and the Black Box
was a kind of Old Hotel--
a Bank actually--
an Infirmity
requiring Deep Storage.


thinks to restore Infirmity:
just apply the Bellows.

Out of Black Box
the application of Tongs
by Wrench Boy:
an attempt to constrain Hammerhead
and deny him Transport.


Begin at Infinity
as in Red Book.

A Conflagration,
improved by pumping Bellows,
could no longer be confined
to Deep Storage.

An African Rattle
rattled through Rain Gear.

May the Aberration in Embryo
as depicted in Red Book
with its frequent mention of Rain Gear
restore the entire Infirmity. 

Money Has An Enemy 3.1

It was no aberration.
Black Box meant
Zero was all we could know
about Crystal
and her infamous vocabulary.

Resistance was but in embryo:
too soon to bugle
a world's infirmity.

Bugle zero.

Crystal shuts out Bugle.
Crystal sustains Aberration

for all her rich


Rain gear for the Melee--
simultaneous sonic eruptions
from Bugle, Hammerhead, African Rattle.

Rain Gear extracted
from Black Box:
misdirection by Violets.

A question of transport.
And now you can see the crystal.
It shimmers to infinity.
What (or is it who?)
is this Black Box?

Can it speak like a Bugle?

Look inside it?
Full of rocks, Black Box.

A Melee
by Tongs
to jive Infinity.

Enter Wrench Boy.

He plumbs interior Zero,
plies the Bellows (this Wrench Boy),
finds Infinity,
palpates each Aberration.

He dons the Rain Gear
retrieved from Deep Storage.
He drinks up Long River,
transmutes it to Crystal,
makes song of the Melee.


Now Bugle the Bank.

It reeks of dank old Deep Storage,
thinks crystal--a bothersome infirmity;
eyes with suspicion
The Old Hotel and its Wrench Boy;
denies point blank
in The Old Hotel.
It seeks to remain
a Black Box
and maintain a monopoly
over the operations
of Bellows.

But The Old Hotel
knows Infinity
to be its bugle.

Zero is no infirmity
when it rattles saber
from its black box,
distributes infinity
from the infinite rooms
of The Old Hotel.


Now the conflagration
which Wrench Boy happily opens

is out of the grand Red Book
whose pages are crystal. 

Money Has An Enemy  4.1

The Melee
to zero.

managed by tongs
sprang up violets
along Long River
whose Transport promised
just about Infinity.

Is Transport, then,

Is the work of Tongs--Aberration?
the work of Tongs--
to transmute every Melee
by misdirection of Violets?


The Bank itself
is an operation
conducted with Tongs.

Infinity: Zero broken open
as in an African rattle.

The utter depletion of Deep Storage.

Apotheosis of Tongs.

Restoration of Hammerhead.

not Black Box only
but the Bank
in a state of Transport
deploys the Bellows
to huff and puff away
The Old Hotel.

Black Box itself Deep Storage.
Everything in embryo.
to reinvent itself
as an  African Rattle.

Tongs to manipulate Infirmity
and manage
as if responsibly
quite whacked out Infinity.
The end of Transport.
Bugle Zero only.
Take rooms
in the Old Hotel
on account of Infirmity.


My Vocabulary functioned
like Tongs in a Bank:
an apparition of Zero.

But some Tongs
picked Rocks
and opened
the Black Box
and found it
an Old Hotel
with a strange Aberration:

It wielded Bellows and Tongs
with expertise
to exacerbate


The Jaguar prowled and parked
outside The Old Hotel. 

It was a world in Embryo
in spite of the Infirmity of age.

They knew how to transmute it with Tongs.


The Red Book knew the secrets
of Long River
and the Transport of Rain Gear.

The Conflagration
both opened
and managed
by Tongs.

Hammerhead likewise

Zero worked to purge
The Old Hotel
of its queer Infirmity.

Money Has An Enemy 5.1

Shake an African rattle at
any aberration.

Make or break a melee.

Hammerhead, be happy.

He shits rocks.

He bellows out vocabulary
and owns the bank.

Vocabulary dodges the melee.

O Hammerhead, the melee is you.
You strike with your hammerheads.
Your African rattle is muted.
You think like rocks.


The bank sucks up with its bellows
the entire vocabulary of Wrench Boy
and delivers it to Hammerhead.

Vocabulary contributes to melee.

Vocabulary manipulated by tongs.

The '97 jaguar prowls along Long River.

Even the bugle bugles vocabulary.

In Jaguar's vocabulary
"infinity" renames infinity.

Conflagration amuses Hammerhead.


For Hammerhead there is no transport.
His bellows disperses vocabulary.
Each item translates "zero."
Zero translates rocks.


If we had Rain Gear,
we'd restore the Aberration.

We'd dance in Rain Gear
and ravish with Crystal.

As it is, what happens is
Hammerhead runs the bank.

Yet Infinity bellows Hammerhead
and issues quizzes.


In Embryo, Vocabulary: Crystal.
Infirmity provides its own Vocabulary
appearing convex to Jaguar.
Zero to a Jaguar
seems an Aberration.


Out of Deep Storage
restocks the Bank.


We wish that the Black Box
would disclose our Infirmity.

The crash occurred
along Long River.

We were smothered with Violets,
but Violets are not immured against Hammerhead
though they are bestrewn on the Bank.


Bugle: salute Aberration,
that Melee redeem Old Hotel
and Hammerhead diminish to a figment
in a Red Book.

Money Has An Enemy 6.1

After the Conflagration
nothing remained for a Melee--

an African Rattle,
a satchel of Rain Gear,
a Red Book.

A Crystal.

Among the return of the Violets
a Jaguar prowled without object.
What were Violets to him?
(Or an African Rattle, for all that.)

The Rain Gear was anomalous.
The sounds from an African Rattle
were not to be denied
by the donning of Rain Gear.

The Conflagration
into the pages
of a Red Book.

But with the Violets
there manifested
to rig the Bank
and distribute
as misdirection
Rain Gear

and as if a shadow
of what had happened here--
Black Box.


The family that invented the bank
treated it as a kind of crystal,
and they put on rain gear
in a state of transport
for which the word "melee"
and the African rattle
revealed at last
as a property of Wrench Boy,
oblivious to violets

was plucked by tongs
and yet remained undisclosed
in a black box. 


The violets
covered the bank
and the enemy of money
was inhaled by a bellows
so that the melee
pertaining thereunto
was awakened once again
in the message
of an African rattle.


The long river,
harmonious of violets, truly.

But what were the tongs for then
but to make an extract of Infinity, delicately,
as if a great chain of Violets
consigned to a Black Box?

The term for Aberration
was "black box."

And this allowed
a congenial melee
at The Old Hotel
where Wrench Boy
disguised by rain gear
blew his bugle.


The vocabulary
included "melee,"
but that concealed a melee
in embryo only.


Then would Zero
propagate Infinity:

unfashionable rain gear
stashed in a black box

and Infinity
cultivated Wrench Boy
but failed to mitigate--
failed to mollify--Melee.

cultivated Jaguar
but only aggravated Infirmity:
you could not just put Rain Gear
in Deep Storage--
Rain Gear
together with Old Bugle
and a few loose rocks.

The word "melee"
did instigate a melee. 

Money Has An Enemy 7.1

Wrench Boy has
an African Rattle.

It was he that first ignited Conflagration.

He did it with his Bugle
lifted from Deep Storage.

He took Tongs.
He built a house of Rocks.

He set up his black box.

The rocks would last
against the conflagration.

What was that "bugle" really?
and who this "Wrench Boy"? 

To know such things
one must plumb Deep Storage.


An infinity of questions
just amounts to zero.

To bugle up
such a conflagration

required sufficient vocabulary
and a set of tongs

and some violets--well,
it couldn't have been just any
pretty local flowerets
supplied to mollify
African Rattle
or whoever might have drawn them
from Deep Storage. 


Out in the rain
both you and your rain gear--

but who came after that?
They call her Crystal.


How deep is zero
if ambiguously set
as a black box merely,
"protected" by Jaguar
or a motor car
or circumambulated
by a man and his saber dagger?


There will be a melee,
with Zero attending,
African Rattle
in releasing that melee.

African Rattle
a black box
in potential.


to inaugurate transport. 

All the remaining violets
smothered the bank.

Stupid Hammerhead.

In embryo
heady bugle music,
an utter aberration in the sound scene.


To break the bank,
the bugle player stood
in the center of town
on a black box.

From his belt
there hung a saber.

On his cap
a glittering crystal.

The rest of the band
were proper townsmen
African rattles.

Of this there was some mention
on the pages of Red Book:
A picture of a thing with a bugle
next to a handsome calligraphic zero
an African rattle
a bellows
and many other items all bestrewn
as if
in embryo
a conflagration were about to spring
where some infirmity had sprouted.

And also in that book
an image of Long River
and its hint of conflagration

and the African rattle
was just like in life

and hanging from the belt of the bugle player
an ornamental military saber.

Money Has An Enemy 8.1

Once in embryo,
even in Wrench Boy's cerebration,
sped through The Old Hotel.

Had Hammerhead
heard tell of it?

He had somehow acquired
a copy of Red Book,
though what was in it for him
was exactly zero. 

Had Red Book been composed in truth by Wrench Boy?

It was a means of transport,
at least for Wrench Boy,
transport, but in embryo only,
for all who truly lived in The Old Hotel.

Violets everywhere
and other flowerets.

Wrench boy, identified with his bugle,
along Long River,
and under his arm
a red box.

By no means did he stash inside it rain gear.

He had an attitude regarding Aberration he'd acquired
during the composition of Red Book.

That book was not Black Box.

He threw his tongs
into the conflagration.

This was Wrench Boy.


considered by some an aberration
was transport for Wrench Boy.

A violet garland wound round his wrench.

If Hammerhead ever saw this
it looked like rocks to him.

What did he imagine
when he thought of Conflagration?

An old hotel.


Consider again Red Book.

Do you think of Melee?

The jaguar found the tongs
and held them in his mouth.

"Aberration"--that is the word for it--
interrupted transport
and put itself in everyone's vocabulary.

But this, for Hammerhead, in his nervousness,
became Black Box.

Is Aberration Conflagration?

A jaguar dressed in rain gear
to addle the head
of Hammerhead.

A garland of violets
afloat and perfectly safe
amidst the conflagration.


As if only in embryo
amidst a tumult of sound
shook out by an African rattle--
Conflagration, degree zero--
as if in a black box
that tongs alone could render more explicit:
conflagration itself
and in the minds of Wrench Boy.


Rocks so quiet
along the river
adorn the joyous pages
of Red Book.

A violet is all it takes
to calm the bellows.

Quiescent within each rock
the power of Conflagration.

But Crystal sits alone
in quiet contemplation
as the thought of an old conflagration
utterly consumes The Old Hotel. 

Money Has An Enemy 9.1

Money is a long river
at the end of which
find Wrench Boy.

In embryo, perhaps, but his vocabulary--even in maturity--
encompasses "Infirmity."

He buys you all you need
including rain gear,
your being being buried
in Deep Storage.


How much cash would it take
to unlearn the aberration?

All you keep in deep storage,
all in embryo,
all your vocabulary hazards
against your cash reserves
and all that shall come forth one day
from embryo.

streams along Long River
to reduce Infirmity.


Tongs plucked "tongs"
from logological storage.

An uneasy "bugle"
found Black Box unconscienable
and, oblivious to "red Book" utterly,
took Melee by the hand,
ignored her aberration.


"Jaguar" is oblivious to money,
and yet he sits
on Wrench Boy's watch.

When it comes to Rocks,
Deep Storage is quite unnecessary.

There is no money recorded
in Red Book.

All things change places
as in a black box.

Bellows blows its money.

When money beckons,
Red Box belongs to Melee
and her queer infirmity.

She gets up and takes
a quick walk.


Zero expenditure
ruins Deep Storage.

Crystal empties her vocabulary,
denies the aberration,

Deep Storage has sex with an African rattle.

Deaf Black Box eats Hammerhead's hammerheads.

Rocks attempts assimilate

The Bank keeps ozone
in deep storage
but when it bellows crystal,
Rain Gear  disrupts Deep Storage
and has sex with Aberration.

With Aberration, Vocabulary exceeds Infinity.

Violet's vocabulary?
Well, we'll say "Deep Storage."

Transport has sex with Crystal, finally,
finally breaking in on her vocabulary.

Her vocabulary violates Violet
and softens her aberration.

Wrench Boy owns up at last
to The Old Hotel.

Wrench Boy, if only in embryo,
resumes his own vocabulary.

Money Has An Enemy 10.1

To continue:

Bellows had sex in embryo
along Long River.

Violet ignored Infinity.

Bugle blasted through The Old Hotel
but reached for Melee.

The Old Hotel
stayed firm along Long River.

Violet along Long River
had sex with Violet.

Bellows blew out Infinity.


Bugle understood that Old Hotel
was deep in secret penury.

The rocks upon which
the edifice was erected
left it unprotected
from fiduciary melee.


Violet had taken out
a large loan from the bank,
and how would she repay it?
A matter for Black Box.


Having donned her rain gear
and given thought to the tiny thing
in embryo inside her,
off went Crystal
to pay a visit to Violet.

in this case
had precious little to do with it.

A brand new African rattle
albeit only in embryo
rattled Deep Storage.

Old Hotel
perched above Long River
made secret inquiry
regarding the use of tongs.


Melee failed to acknowledge
her debt to Violet.

Violet watched her data
vanish from the red box.

African Rattle
had second thoughts
regarding Violet
and considered her debt to herself
an aberration.

Everyone required new rain gear
because conditions along Long River
portended conflagration.


The urgency to square off
and regain Zero Sum Gain
was for everyone
as exigent as rain gear.

African Rattle was rattled
and railed against Infinity. 


There was enmity among the rocks.

Violet searched desperately for violets.

Wrench Boy
no longer had the confidence
of his wrenches.

to whom enmity was no aberration
felt enmity against herself
and sought, for the first time,
to begin again
in embryo.


African Rattle stifled herself;
sought refuge in the Old Hotel.
The silence there
brought transport
to no one.

No one bought violets.


No one waved an ornamental saber.

No one organized her acts
to the calls of a bugle.

Rain gear wore the tares of Aberration.

No one bought violets.

Hammerhead brought an action
against The Old Hotel.

Everyone cried out: "Infirmity," "Infirmity."

Money Has An Enemy 11.1  (Cosmos)

We knew a world
whose substance was crystal
within which all time
were but one long river.
And the god used a bellows
and the world had rocks in it
and space was a bank.

To be in it might seem a state of transport
were it not that Infirmity
was one of the deities.

But it was not this god
that blew an unquiet bellows
or built a house on rocks.

Bellows, rocks, and the principle of crystal
belonged to the god
that ran the bank.


The god
who secretly
lends support to Melee:
his transport is hidden,
his joy,
a clashing of rocks.


Being itself
was like a black box,
and out of it rushed Long River,
as if to serve a god
whose nature was conflagration
and whose primary instrument
was tongs.

And the cosmos thus constituted
read out as a big red box.


Conflagration herself
was intimate with Long River.

The space that housed the things of it
seemed like a space of deep storage.

Forever lurking about in the sea of it:
a god like a hammerhead shark.
It roamed the deeps
in flight from an African rattle,
the sound of which
haunted the sea
like the news of a bugle.

But he knew how to manipulate a bellows:
they were as gills for him
and blew his bugle.

His consort was Melee.


And the Old Hotel
kept the memory of Long River.

Its concierge was a god in the form of a jaguar.

The Old Hotel commuted with Deep Storage.


If you need to divert a river you use a  bellows.

The whole scene was sweetened by violets.

One used tongs to compensate
the deficits of infirmity
and to select the appropriate vocabulary
and to quip
when necessary
with the god called "Conflagration." 


Conflagration had sex with infirmity.

Their issue was Melee.


A bugle marked the stations
along Long River; that is,
it timed the bellows.


The name of this world is Red box.
One takes up tongs
to compensate Zero
whose affinity in this case
is with rocks.

Conflagration and Melee
consorted en flagrante.

If things got somewhat trying
they did it in rain gear.

Infirmity determined the vocabulary.

Aberration has sex with Infirmity.
Their issue but  weak conflagration.


Utterly beyond this cosmos
is the substance of infinity.

Yes, it is
a secret interiority of rocks,
revealed if strong conflagration
erupt along Long River.

Wrench Boy aloof here--the Witness--
no matter the aberration--
the bugle was not his.
His business waited in embryo.

Money Has An Enemy 12.1 (Macroanthropos)

Tongs were used to purge "The Thing's" intestines,
bellows to cleanse its kidneys.

The liver is composed of clean crystal.

We read of this in our Red Book.
Our lips are sealed.

The jaguar was its secret thing.

The throat
where vocabulary is docketed--
a conduit to infinity; that is, the head.

Its gonads heated to the verge of conflagration.

Infinity resolved the mind.

It grew like crystal.

The Red Book grew like crystal.
The Red Box provided
the appropriate tongs.

The jaguar imparted mysterious instructions.


It was a mammal, certainly,
but, as they say, "at infinity."

Left arm long river
long river left arm

Wrench Boy, possibly,
but revealed as Hermaphroditus.

The heart in its breast
in continuous transport
at ease with Infinity--

left leg an African rattle.


All this can be read in Red Book for money.
You can have it too
if you pump your bellows.

Crystal was amazed
to see Violet
with a beard.

She herself at ease
with her own conflagration.

Wrench Boy
Wrench Girl

Tools in a red box

with a nose for deep storage

and eyes immune to infirmity--

...pumped his bellows--his brain a black box.


Infirmity a figure for Money.

Hammerhead a stomach
full of rage against "free infinity."

The Old Hotel full of ears.

The lungs are made out of rain gear (or vice versa).


Your eyes will cure infirmity,
bellows suck out and blow back
Black Box and its secret infinity.


Put tongs to true uses:
Infinity broke the bank;
put in its place Red Book
with its lack of propensity for money,
its opened, deep storage.


Left breast no aberration

                         elixir of transport

kidneys work the bellows

             Hammerhead nothing but stomach

     white lips shut up
                                    in Red Book

wiped out and quick
                                  by an African rattle


     a mammal's job--right breast left breast

exaltation of Zero

       extinction through transport 

         long fast river

                run past the zoo


Red Book open deep storage

      in embryo:  Melee

                             right arm right leg respectively

    Transport-- O take me

                               to the Old Hotel

                                        (but you keep the rain gear ....

Money Has An Enemy 13.1  (Ontology)

Hammerhead has positive belief
        and smashes crystal: can't abide manifest ideality.
Who shall wield the tongs?
Who find the method?

Consult deep storage: source and sink.
In the beginning and the end
       what all this is:  Black Box

tinctured with violets.
The thralldom: "that all can be known"
        possesses the Bank.

Wrench Boy: "The Magus of Being"
        (a magical being).

The Bank deploys the Tongs.

But know that Deep Storage
                                      stocks tongs also.

Deep Storage can never be emptied by mind blown of Hammerhead.

If Being       is
                    it     is
                                    Black Box.


Infinity's refuge:
a covering of rain gear.

Bank thrives on infirmity.

When the bugle of Awakening blasts,
Infinity cohabits with Crystal.
Their issue:  such Zero
as liberates thralldom.


The Old Hotel and its fanciful vocabulary
commutes with Red Book.

Red Book mentions Deep Storage.

That which generates in embryo
ends up in deep storage.

Infirmity--Bewitchment itself--
restocks deep storage.

At the lip of  Black Abyss
circumambulates Wrench Boy.


Rocks index all things
so that Source and Sink
informs the circulation of Wrench boy,
a magical being whose "zest"--
the word "zest"  (word-zest)
sees Conflagration
ravage The Bank, certainly,

and there there is an environs of quick lightning.

The fragments retrieved
from the consequent conflagration
jive and supply Deep Storage
whose master at last
proves to be Wrench Boy.


Jaguar, the sentintel,
prowls at The Sink and The Source
--responsible to Wrench Boy only.

What is a Storm Tower?
Conflagration's partner in affinity.


Long River roils,
rich in impossibility.

An African rattle
vocabularies Infinity.

Bugle tunes
elaborate Transport
of Vocabulary's
provocation to Melee.

Deep Storage
no longer in embryo only.

Crystal couples with Melee
and changes the sense of "Deep Storage."

Money Has An Enemy 14.1

Take off your rain gear
if you want to wield those tongs.

Hammerhead's on a tear
through the Old Hotel.

His quiz score, zero.

Around the rocks by the sea shore,
the jaguar protects
that which, in embryo,
must eventually
melt Hammerhead away;
and the Old Hotel
in its atmosphere of terror,
fear Hammerhead no more;
and the Old Hotel
distribute its rich stash of rain gear
and propagate Zero.


Vocabulary activates Jaguar.

The Red Box "contains" Conflagration.

Jaguar drives along Long River.


Now is the time and place of the terribly small.

Small infinity runs both ways.

Tiny tongs, never tiny enough.  

Hammerhead, Hammerhead, where are you heading?

Back into deep storage.

Your head is so small.

The smaller the sound, the hotter the bugle.

The little jaguar
took his Ph.D.
to vex The Whiz.

Small red boxes
to fill the small long river?

The smallest jaguar
sends a signal
to diminishing Wrench Boy.

Violet gets little
                                      than the tongs that pick her.

An exasperated Hammerhead gets smaller
quicker than his hammerheads.

Will smaller bellows extinguish Conflagration?

Will small money
accommodate Violet?

Infinity prefigures Transport.

Big money comes to the small hotel
and down it goes
along Long River.


Crystal rocks
in spite of infirmity
dispense with money
and listen to an African rattle,
listen to an Old Hotel.

It cashes out
and the melee settles.

Rocks form a hortus conclusus
to pleasure Violet

and place a world without money

in a Black Box.

Money Has An Enemy 15.1 

Who owns the bugle?
Who bought the rain gear?
Do we wish to say that this is Aberration?

In Red Book: Black Box,
set up like an abandoned newspaper kiosk
at a bend on Long River.


One man has all the money
stashed in his black box.

Must we all make do with rain gear? concede infirmity?
Rain gear will "do" for that.

Who owns infirmity?

The bugle is silent.

We call that "aberration."


A quiet time in a tranquil zone
in rain gear
relaxed in our infirmity.

No one at all owns African Rattle,
no one possesses Long River.

No need for tongs.

Destiny: black box for "tomorrow."

No use for tongs.

Infirmity grows strong "on its own"--
no help from Bellows.

Velocity governs Transport
who turns grim rocks
to shining stones.

There will be but small function for Hammerhead.


Tranquil time
in embryo
works the bellows,

Black box
impatient with rain gear.

Ghost job.

Crystal shows Wrench Boy how rocks
can shine like stones:
you change your vocabulary.

Is it Zero who has all the money?

Deaf Hammerhead, astonished,
keeps growing smaller.

He orders rain gear
to conceal Infinity.

Too late for that.


Jaguar gathers silence.

He puts an eye on Hammerhead,
astonishing Melee,
arresting Conflagration.

Hammerhead backs up to the bank,
a black box now.

All the money still in it?

Jaguar gathers silence
and sidles up to Wrench Boy, mentally.

A shared vocabulary.
Black Box rattles inside it. 

Air blows bellows
all over aberration.

Infinity trumps money, discounting Infirmity
in an abandoned atelier
of the Old Hotel
affecting deep storage.

You'll still find the data in Red Book.

Hammerhead drowns himself in Long River
and turns into an embryo.

Violets spring up
where Hammerhead did that.

His heart, for a moment only,
is like a jaguar.

Money Has An Enemy 16.1 (Fiduciary Matters)

The vocabulary was ruled by accountancy.

They used for paper money
scraps of shredded Rain Gear.

We Bugled for coinage.

In the Old Hotel
Infinity went on salary.

Money in escrow
generated Melee.


Stock and Deep Storage
grew and grew depleted
till expenditure went to Zero.

Debt waxed and waned like a Bellows.

Zero blew the Bugle.


When receipts approached Infinity
coinage broke the Bugle.

Infinity invaded Vocabulary.

Once again,  Melee.


Interest at the Bank
broached Infinity.

Emoluments for services rendered and goods supplied--
Black Box.

Had to garnish Long River.

Universal bankruptcy--
Conflagration neutralized.

Expenditure, Zero.

Who then should inherit
this African Rattle?

Infinity broke the Bank.


Lets have a sip of julep
in the lounge of the Old Hotel.
The cost will be zero.

Crystal evacuates budget.

No coin good coin?
Melt down the bugle.

Little red box full of cash?
Everything fuzzy.

Receipts have harassed Infinity
replaced one and all by an elegant crystal.


Look here. Give me those bellows.

Red Book Blank Book .  Black.

What happened to Hammerhead?

They couldn't pay him off
so Black Box absorbed him.


A great change came over the character of Transport.
He became one.

Expenditure impossible?
Dive straight for zero.

The jaguar prowls and struts
but liquidates all investments
and seals every document with violets.

Not even rocks
acceptable as currency.

Extortion in embryo.

Apply to the bursar for transport.

Infinity hammered out Hammerhead.


They had to use tongs and calipers
to extract the embryo
from the red box
at the  bottom of Long River
and normalize infinity.

But Infinity will not be normalized,
it being the most cherished cerebration
belonging to Wrench Boy
to work infinity
until it sweats out crystal
whatever the melee.


If money has an enemy
find her along Long River
and marry her to Deep Storage,
and when there are True Numbers
plucked from the signatures
of The Red Book
blow the bugle;
open once again The Old Hotel
for money has an enemy,
infirmity in embryo,
aberration, no aberration
but the Mother of Melee.

Money Has An Enemy 17.1

In a state of transport
I blew the bugle.

My vocabulary
broke the bank.

In dead of night
an African rattle.

In the Old Hotel
aberration discerned in a crystal.

Aberration in vocabulary?
the bank had its own

The bank took exception to transport.

Money had an enemy.

In the dead of night
an African rattle.


But Aberrancy
was a substance of Being.

Tongs: two hands and a vertex
whence all thought commences.

Bellows: two hands and a nozzle
where the suck and the blow occurs.


Vocabulary a funnel for Being
quite vexed by fog

when Being blows the bugle--

melee sucked up in melee--

emanation of violet--

impertinence of bank.


Bellows sucks up and blows out again--

Long River emanation from Vertex

but whose are the hands to squeeze it?

They come out of Black Box
balanced on sharp rocks--

intensity managed by Zero--

sure access to Deep Storage.

Bugle restored to Wrench boy.

restored by Long River.

Deep Storage pumps bellows
to jazz up the bank.

Out of "in embryo"
the bank's conflagration transmuted.

Bank obtrudes
an energized jaguar.

All power to Zero
in the sound of an African rattle.

Bugle vibrates
straight through Infirmity.


Red Book chronicles Aberrancy. 

Melee expositor of melee.

Long River provides its own rain gear.

Money Has An Enemy 18.1

Violets grow their own vocabulary--
a transport of flowerets--
a nosegay for jaguars--
a conflagration of flowerets.

Check out the fire
of infirmity--
a melee with a thousand tongs

a melee of transport:
everyone turns into a jaguar

for the god is a god of transport

the jaguar's  in oscillation with violets

oscillation provides the flame
for conflagration.


Degree zero infirmity:
the jaguar permeated by zero,

each cell an empty red box.


Our vocabulary was compelled
by an action of bellows.

All space a geometry
for hyper-dimensional crystal.


Being itself is Black Box--
no god can create it
no devil destroy--
jaguar prints on all the faces of it--
each face the face of infinity
assaulted directly
in Hammerhead's face off with Jaguar.

Jaguar aflame
with African rattles.

Hammerhead equipped
with a ravishing vocabulary.


Lights out
at The Old hotel:

Occultation of Transport.

Bank the eclipse
of The Old Hotel:

Hidden violets abloom in it.

The old Hotel in flux towards perfect crystal.

In every room
diminutive conflagration.


Neither melee nor aberrancy
Being in the appearance of rocks,
an infinite vocabulary,
vocabulary an umbrella for violets.

The bank of the river built up to appear a rock fortress.

At the toy pavillion purchased at the top of which

bellows presented
to be examined
by Wrench Boy. 


Deep storage in flux
up to melee.

Infinity working the bellows.

Melee incredulous of Hammerhead
's face off with Jaguar,
both costumed in rain gear,
one pumping the bellows
to light up The Old Hotel;
one blasting the Bugle!
The Bugle to summon the jaguar
or else to call one
out of Black Box
as if just developed "in embryo"
to park in the back
of The Old Hotel.


O if only to suggest that
Crystal inhibit infirmity
the long river might run forever
in front of the Old Hotel--

vocabulary written on rocks

each jaguar with a diadem of crystal



Deep Storage is positive about Melee
as long as she falls short
of positive infinity;
otherwise if bellows cause
     Melee to fan out--
have to call upon Hammerhead.

The Jaguar dolled up in rain gear
sneaks up on Bellows.

Each room in the Old Hotel
equipped with a bugle.

When you blow the right tune on your bugle
it stupefies Jaguar.
He has to jump back
into Black Box.

Certain cycles turn
      inexorably toward embryo.

The Old Hotel was once a House of Crystal.

A balm to infirmity.

To listen all night to Long River.

Each room in the Old Hotel
complete with its own vocabulary.

Even the rocks here
complement the harmony.

Jaguar's gem-star eyes
fascinate Crystal.

Money Has An Enemy  19.1

Beginning with Rocks:
transport them to an armoire
stufffed with violets.

Black Box: "Being."
The business of Wrench Boy.

He shepherds infinity
with an African rattle
not ignorant of
but oblivious in regard to

Violets turn heads to Black Box,
all naked and covered with violets.

She begin again with rocks

and agitates Wrench Boy.


Deep in the complex sound of an African rattle,
I heard a bank
exacerbate infinity
using burning tongs.

The African rattle
conjured up those tongs
right out of some "nowhere"
that is like a black box.


Aberrancy cuts off Transport
but so sweet a bottle of violets
sits in each window
        of the Old Hotel
that lovely Crystal sighs
that she is smothered by rain gear
and fears that Black Box
is just another name for empty zero.


Well, that's an aberration.

Quickly transport rocks
into another vocabulary
and write in Red Book.

Black Box is Being Herself--
everything's embryo.


Put that in your bugle.

Out pops crystal.

Infirmity zaps Aberrancy (or vice versa).

Deep Storage supplies Red Box.

Stand by: Wrench Boy.


He expostulates: 

"I give you conflagration.

I shake my African rattle.

Out comes the next vocabulary--
watch out for Hammerhead.

In comes a truck full of jaguars.

Each jaguar a gemstone from Being.

They prowl along Long River.

Useless, your rain gear.

Remember, Being is a Black Box.

It might be full of violets.

It might compel aberration
all the way to infinity.

Melee herself
a toy house of transport."

Thus spake Wrench Boy.


His vocabulary took refuge in rain gear
for transport all along Long River.

He found a red book
in a pocket of his rain gear,
but worked the bellows any way.

Black Box manifests anywhere.

Even as a pocket in rain gear.

He suffered no infirmity.

Money Has An Enemy 20.1 (The Market Maker)

If it's anywhere
it's in Red Book.

Ultra violet vibration
purifies each rock.

Zero is approachable.

A cosmos in embryo.

Circulation enlivens the bank.

Conflagration on a cosmic scale--
       subtle but pervasive.

Instead of a zoot suit, rain gear.

Conflagration spits out
galactic rocks.

Zero is unreachable. 

Red Book itself
but a cosmos in embryo.


Wrench Boy in a space suit
sends violets to Violet.

His arrangement with Hammerhead
has little to do with rain gear.

The two together conspire
to manage tongs
in order to wreck the coinage--
debase it to the gates
of vacuous infinity--
a dastardly ruse of Hammerhead, if undreaded.


The market maker on Mercury
possessed an ornamental bellows and a bugle
not for use.

Something in the nature of his business
pertained to Zero.

He has his eye on Melee and dreams
of a puissant perch
on the old hotel;

yet he, though caught in the quivering flux of Melee
has no idea at all
that money has an enemy.

He thinks
his distance
from any sort of infinity
a kind of rock.

When conflagration comes,
Jaguar eats him.

Remainder: zero.


But the market maker's mind
is not just an aberration.

His ignorance is not just, for instance, zero.

The sound of an African rattle
interests and intrigues him.

It does not turn his thought toward conflagration.

After hours, he has sufficient rain gear
and a certain theoretical attitude toward zero. 

Transport him wherever,
and zero changes.

Neither the sound of a bugle
nor the rumpus of a melee
alters his relation to the bank.

But he has one native infirmity.

When conflagration comes
he drives a jaguar.


The bugle interferes with
the market maker's vocabulary.

He fails to  comprehend the use of tongs.

Because his practical intelligence
is already like a crystal,
in his books he juggles zeros;
and if he bugles
his bugle tunes
are redolent of infinity.

He keeps a circumspect
distance from sharp rocks
and cannot see the jaguar
who sits in plain view
on top of a black box.

He cannot transform in his mind
the contents deep in storage.

He hides his tongs, even from himself,
and pays no attention at all
to life along Long River.

Money Has An Enemy 21.1

Deep Storage
down among the rocks.

In a bright Red Box
the wounds of the future

Every aberration learned
while floating down Long River.

Just watch the jaguar.

Wrench Boy cannot bugle out a warning.
Wrench Boy just stands helpless,
an image on the cover of Red Box.

Perhaps he is himself the aberration.

Red Book would consign
Aberration to Deep Storage
and provide a definite method to set it floating
down a proper course along Long River.


Melee herself is not an aberration,
for if she were,
then Zero would cash out the bank.

Though Red Book, regarding the bank,
attempts to keep things flowing,
its investments are nothing but "rain gear."

Aberration blows a bugle
so that if we all wore "rain gear on the rocks,"
we would experience gaps in our vocabulary.

Wrench Boy would lose his power to access Black Box
and free the Game of Being
from all unregulated aberration.


What began as a strange idea, when judged, became
a veritable Zoroastrian conflagration
that consumed the Old hotel--
all but Wrench Boy.

The African Rattle saved him.
Its quality produced a wave of sound
that warded off
abject infirmity,
for Conflagration does not ruin rocks
and cannot be exposed without a bellows.


Infinity easily smashed Hammerhead,
debilitated Melee,
and though it showed respect for Black Box
and its reciprocal resonance with Being's continuous excess,
it equally absorbed Aberration
and laughed as the debile Melee
performed her raucous and anarchic celebration.

Embryo, upon occasion,
exuberantly issued rocks.

Consider in this wise, Vocabulary.

Rocks surround Wrench Boy
as he trots out his bugle
in rain gear weather.
His vocabulary is his proper arsenal
for cohabiting with Bank.

Wrench Boy postures
and stands atop Red Box.


Violet engages Hammerhead
and quietly develops her vocabulary,
eventually and at long last,
working through her personal aberration.


All are delivered to Transport,
though, eternally, Hammerhead
squares off with Wrench Boy
in a certain room
of the Old Hotel,
though when they enter the bank
both first don rain gear
and go outside
to engage Long River.

Money Has An Enemy 22.1

Have we expressed affection
for the Old Hotel?

It's listed in Red Book
and in each one of its chambers
does supply one.

Have we shown its affinity for Deep Storage?

Old knowledge tells us,
"Chaos is an Egg."

Hence our affection for Melee:
to pump the bellows haply may awaken her.

Black Box may haply be excessive
and harbor as many fresh embryos
as vocabulary allows.

Embryo accesses Deep Storage
and takes advantage of Melee
and forces us to confine her
with compassion of course
to the proper chamber
in the old hotel.

Compassion blows the bellows.


Keep on shaking
African Rattle
and Melee will compound
the quality of melee
till the cannonade of rocks becomes
a cannonade of vocabulary.

Bugle becomes the instrument by which
language levels the charge
and Red Book glows
with positive transport.


Embryos which
in a certain sense are zeros,
simultaneously burst open and "contain"
their internal melee.


Dear Violet.
How lovely she looks in rain gear.

Her many embryos,
far from being an infirmity,
fascinate Jaguar.

They are like a bugle for him.


Enter Hammerhead.

He has no truck with Red Book,
but sees a conflagration in every embryo--
according to him,
no doubt the work of Wrench Boy.

Rain gear means infirmity
in the sense that too many embryos--
too much futurity--
interferes with Transport.

He turns red
and simply bellows.


This does nothing for the bank
that has already extracted zillions
from its holdings in rain gear.

Vocabulary blows it bugle.
Wrench Boy, bored with Melee,
succumbs to his own infirmity,
and thinks to seduce Infirmity.

Red Book applies the tongs
and restricts his vocabulary.


Now Melee is a challenge for Crystal.
She has no truck with a bugle,
and is so intimate with Transport,
(she has herself grown from an embryo),
and sparkles madly through any conflagration,
that bugle's melee, heard from within
the sound of an African Rattle,
sets Long River positively dancing
and Jaguar, obtuse to infirmity,
Infirmity in awe of Jaguar,
"put one" in Red Book.


Deep Storage,
ever one for Vocabulary,
finds Aberration juxtaposed to Transport,
while Red Book
goes about its business
for the Old Hotel.

Money Has An Enemy 23.1

One might long for Deep Storage
down among the rocks,
some discussion in Red Book
inspiring anticipation,
were it not an aberration to be traveling
so far below the bottom of Long River.

There are no jaguars
that deep in the underground.

Wrench Boy--a kind of
subterranean sentinel
poised with a ready bugle--
a perfect image of Wrench Boy repeated in Red Book's pages,
yet every image as such
is an image of Aberration--
Red book
a book of aberrations
consigned to Deep Storage
far far below
the bottom of Long River.


Quartz crystal's natural habitat
for gestating
a vocabulary of aberration--
Red Book the host of it.

African Rattle
deployed to conjure
an absent jaguar.

A distant conflagration
down among the rocks
far far far
below Long River.


Transport thither and thence
reluctantly arranged by Hammerhead.

The actually existent Wrench Boy
(as distinct from his image
and yet ensconced
in his vocabulary)
stores and retrieves from storage
adequate rain gear
and tends, form future use,
a cadre of embryos--

a vague vocabulary
whose uncertain aberrations
are already like a sort of melee,
and when Conflagration reaches Rocks,
rocks are no fix for Infirmity.


The Judge demanded tongs
be supplied to Wrench Boy,
the Black Box consigned to him
rather than to Hammerhead,
Aberration a name for Everywhere.

The Old Hotel
compared to itself
is no bank,
whose infirmity it is
to brook no aberration.

If Zero breaks the bank,
hysterically pumps the bellows.


There is a perpetual struggle
regarding the being and provenance of Infinity.

Hammerhead changes his view
as the exigencies of what counts demand.

Sometimes it's simply melee.

But wrench Boy watches circumspectly
and, whether underground or standing on a box,
will not pronounce it

Money Has An Enemy 24.1

We took out rooms
in the Old Hotel
rather than send boxes
to Deep Storage
--in any case ignored
the melee on the porches
--used the bellows
as if the source of the quiet flames
were other than Black Box
and its embryos of beings--
one being per item of vocabulary, roughly--
one embryo
extracted from Deep Storage.

The melee did nothing to disturb
the settled ranks and columns of Deep Storage;
the melee did disturb
the ordered chambers of the Old Hotel.


Such was the nature of Melee.
She longed for Crystal.
She had no use for Bugle.
Her energy ever at the edge of radical transport.
She inhabited every embryo.
She followed Conflagration.


Now the bugle blew
finally to martial
action against Melee,
but there remained
application of African Rattle
down among the rocks
supported by rain gear
as we climbed the declivity
up to  Old Hotel.

The rocks were covered with jaguars beneath us
prowling out of Deep Storage.

It seemed our luck
had been quite jettisoned to zero. 


I was suffering from a general infirmity.
I tried on rain gear
but it offered little
against the current conflagration.
Even the thought of Infinity
was little more than holding bunches of violets
while trying to get rid of rain gear:
the jaguars were everywhere
honking the bugles
contributing to the general melee.

In the middle of it all
we got a message from the bank
threatening its own sort of melee.

The jaguar bugles projected
an exaggerated vocabulary.

I put down my red box
though I longed for Deep Storage.


Such was my life with fair Melee.

We danced to an African rattle.

It was in the neighborhood of Long River.

O Melee--
you offered transport
but I carried a red box.


Thank god for Wrench Boy, rain gear,
and the orderly blast of the bugle.

There would be a general council to discover
whether it were an aberration
to have sex with Melee.

I hoped no one'd mention the Tongs.

Hammerhead would, as was his wont,
be vicious and disruptive.

Will no one shut up the jaguars?

I still have my red box.

I still have my infirmity.

I still have my passion for Melee.

Forgive me if I bugle my vocabulary.

Money Has An Enemy 25.1

In spite of your infirmity
you will find that Deep Storage
is the basement of an old hotel.

All of time takes refuge there.

If you listen well
to African Rattle--
let your jaw hang loose--
you'll hear that the secret is to wear
a proper crystal
and to zero in
on an attitude
where Long River
leads to Transport.

Long River is no longer Time or Money.
It flows from the mouth
of The Old Hotel,
passed an enormous rattle out of Africa
whose many-splendored elemental sounds
fill The Old Hotel
till it too
rattles of Africa
and in spite of your infirmity
your mind is clear like crystal.


Now: think gigantic violets
interspersed among
enormous black rattles out of Africa....O Melee!
I blow my bugle for you...


Obliterate aberration
with an orthodox African rattle.

Every embryo
reverberates infinity.

Long River
runs through us all.

Wrench Boy
compels ten-thousand wrenches
and unbolts The Bank.

Violet dreams of Long River
that runs through her indigo corpuscles.

Vocabulary proliferates everything
that is other than vocabulary
and so proliferates itself.

Infinitesimal infinities
explicate ten-thousand tiny sounds
that allow African Rattle
to quiver with Transport
(and incidentally mount
a zeppelin with wheels).


All the rampant jaguars
which in aggregate coagulate Long River
come together again and become
one enormous cat
whose eyes are as portentous as Hammerheads.

His eyes are conduits
from and to Deep Storage--source and sink.

Violets obliterate Vocabulary
and cause it to return,
each item indexed by zero
with addresses at Deep Storage.

All you need is tongs
to pluck out terms
like shapely rocks. I stand
with my bugle
and my soul aligned
on Black Box;
I don quite fashionable rain gear
and then trade it
for an African rattle
and obsess about Violet.

We commune like a bellows
and cause Africa to rattle--

red clay
red book
red box

Deep Storage is ancient Africa.

That book accommodates Infinity and contains
among its pages
just one Black Box.

Life in an old hotel
can be just like this.

Money Has An Enemy 26.1

Infinity's widow lived in an old hotel.

Her infirmity manifested
as  general conflagration.

We distributed tongs
to induce an aberration.

We deployed the bellows
to urge and develop the flames.

The violets turned violent
and grew all over the bellows.

They wished to resurrect Infirmity,'
for they themselves withstood the conflagration.

Infirmity's widow witnessed the conflagration.

The infinity within infirmity plied the tongs.


Money's enemy blew the bugle
and Zero flowed like ozone
out through the windows of The Old Hotel.
To hell with The Bank.

We proclaim Conflagration Waxing
to be the only transport.

In the midst of the flame
an incombustible violet.

What good is Vocabulary to her?
She grows on Rocks
and dreams of Melee
and smiles her indigo aura
in the midst of conflagration.


Rain gear is brain gear.


The bellows brings wind and storm rain.

Hammerhead waxed huge with a hundred hammers,
but everything these quick hammers hammered
had long since realized Zero, the cipher "zed."
Infirmity impossible now.

The substance of existence is Melee.

Crystal wrapped herself expansively
around the entire conflagration.

Enter: Wrench Boy.


He enlarged Red Box
so that his fabulous vocabulary--
each term a manifest Zero--
springs from its empty embryo
the last essential jaguar.


When one man has all the money,
a thousand African rattles sound out everywhere.

Everything bellows with laughter along Long River.

Vocabulary dissolves the last bank.

The Old Hotel       glows.

Vocabulary turns into violets.


Deep Storage turns into the sky,
rocks into gemstones,
The Old Hotel an embryo
without reference to The Bank.

The widows pump the bellows.

Zero equilibrates Infinity.

Black Box is Being entirely.

Bellows pumps Melee.

Vocabulary bellows out rocks.