Universal Coinage

Image by Bialy--Gallery: Did It Ever Get So Quiet, The Dark Began To Speak

Money has an enemy. 

Does such coinage precede or succeed the tokens that bear the insignia of its patronage.
That’s one question.

As in “One guy’s got to have ALL
the money.” Not a question. He already has.

What say you to the notion that the universal medicine resides as the universal…
as you do seem to say.  As for the pharmakos, the scapegoat, the guilt money, the medicine, the
poison…Ah, The universal poison, “entwined throughout the system.” But the evidence
of the perfection of funerary ornament: It Does Not Die. (Longevity/immortality code for
Timeless Entity.

In the visica pisces the figure of Imhotep, I say, two millennia before Asklepios, holds an
offering from which the vaginal orifice modestly scintillates, except for his eyes, which
positively shine from Source. The happy complement of the rhymed black gem hole eyes
that absorb all possible shining, as if to see were to suck down the light and to cause all
information to wise up,

and stash itself in a cache where only the general principle of such knowing shows, the
detail subsumed “in the coin (the coign).”

Inscribed in the luminous patches on the middleground, the holy letters seem
broken—ayin? shin? while the Owl’s Crown is darkened that the eyes, which I suspect
also to be Imhotep’s eyes, are all but lost in positive shadow. 

What limns the crown are skeletal legs so complexly incised, that I dare not hazard to
elicit the radical fixes infixed there, let alone pretend the music that induces their
dancing. Nevertheless, though elicit I dasn’t, I’ll still dare a list: mule’s head, unicorn
votive pigmy, rat with mason’s apron—all this symmetrically reduplicated and sporting
above a funerary chalice exulting in the portage of guess who’s remains; downward
rushing squirrels on the surface of two world trees; rivers of mortality rivers of ecstasy;
dragon semen; happy cats with feathered epistolary instruments.

You can have it all for a dime, certainly, or really for any fiduciary instrument, however
denominated. For only this is certain: universal coinage is not for everybody.

The enemy of money funds the void.

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