Ha Um

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When opals (ovals) double,
but overlap to leave a median locus
ovaloid, eliptoid—
but an opening, as if an opening in nowhere,
or a nowhere opened by the doubling—

Well then, it may happen, as it does, that a certain absent person, manifests full-blown,
without preamble, without a “take off roll” of any kind. The conditions of manifestation
are simply manifest. And the full-blown, full-tilt, silly-handsome, bon-ton, dapper, fishlike,
mustachioed, master of chromatic,  possibly vapid, happenstance — but no, no, not vapid —
replete — behind all mustaches ever — and happy to be occurring so, without extraneous
accouterments, subaquatic, no shit, as if the real person seriously responsible for his
manifestation, were happy too — happy to have manifested too.

And he took an antique mirror, no matter from what epoch,
and doubled it in his intent,
and placed it in a basin
of ceremonially treated water
variously bedight with lichen
and other animate if fossilized or recently grown moribund
vital encrustations  

on the cement surface of the old pool
behind barbed wire
in woodland shadow
itself long abandoned for largely budgetary reasons,
and a certain institutional oblivion to communal being,
or an aggressive attitude to spontaneous social harmony or focus — 

the residue of the old pool gazed into and bespoken,
so that instanter the Lord of the Episode
should appear,
his lilac colored internal ambiance all he needs
for us to justify without qualification
the resonant qualities of his being there.

And it is thus amply justified.
The New Age arrives in generationally separated installments,
with whatever subsequent corrections
wave after wave. Wave over mastering wave.

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