German Expressionism

Image by Bialy--Gallery: Epiphanies on a Road to No Place

we were there
on the other side of
whatever side
it seems
that we were
(t)here on
the earth and its urbanity
riven, rifted,  breaking
apart suave beauty, the ceremonial
pocketing his take without so much as a glance at
that which
he had engineered so gorgeously,  egregiously
too late for that)
he waited for the griffins
to arrive, the hatter rat with the salt, the regal lobster
interrupt and entering
aerial view
the hatter magus also, his downward arrow,

And the savage masks are poised above his shoulders--
how queer those torqued horses, if they are horses
how lordly their  deep savagery
and do we release our need to reprove the horror?

all parts and anthems
all cries
all untampered-with vitalities
all vitalities stripped down to their final rigor
all rigors unjoined
from their vital  corporation
when all the eyes are just too small to celebrate
the happiness
removed from which
these dark and sumptuous seeings
are to be allowed their flows

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